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Why hello there! We’re so glad you found us. Although we’ve been in business for just over 110 years, we’re still trying to figure out how to properly direct people to our website, so we sincerely hope it wasn’t too difficult. But now you’re here, so we promise to make it worth your time (after we do a little happy dance in the corner first).

Despite our website looking the same as everyone else’s (we tried to change that, but the powers that be channeled their best Tupac and told us that’s just the way it is...) we do things a bit differently. So whilst everyone else is busy being the same, we decided to channel Aldi. You know? Good. Different.

Just like Aldi, we’ve got the everyday dependable items such as a Mazda Service Centre & Genuine Mazda PartsCar Finance & insurance, New Mazda, Demo Mazda and Used Mazda vehicles. We’ve also got the (metaphorical) specials tables too, where you’ll find cars and servicing and parts for less, but only in limited quantities! Don’t worry though, no need to pack your own bags here.

But so does every other dealership we can hear you saying, probably as you also roll your eyes. It’s ok. We’d do that too. So how are we different? Read on, and we’ll be happy to show you. Or cut right to the chase and get in Contact with one of our awesome team members right now.


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