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Vehicle servicing is serious stuff, so we'll get to the nitty gritty in just a moment. We wanted to remind your of the perks of servicing at Riverland Mazda, not just the peace-of-mind, cost effective, safety first, value proposition you'll see in a minute. So I'll get right to it! When you book your car in for a service with us, it gets washed and vacuumed free of charge! Hooray!!! For some, its the only wash and vaccuum their pride and joy gets all year, and we love the honour! For others, its just one less thing they have to do on the weekend, but we love that you now have extra time to read a book, or play with the kids. Its literally a part of the service.

Speaking of the kids, bring them in! We have a fully eqipped playroom full of all the stuff kids love. Well most of the stuff. We did get asked for some gymnastics equipment, but our insurance didn't stretch that far. Sorry. But feel free to watch any gymnastics you can find on Netflix, or anything else that the kids watch these days.

Whilst the kids play, relax in our large super comfy chairs (if you must have one in your house, contact TJ's) and have a complimentary cappucino, long black, latte, hot chocolate or choose from a huge range of T2 teas. there is an extensive range of magazines to keep you occupied (thanks Belinda!) or just watch some TV. Or knit. Or sleep. Whatever takes your fancy!

If you dont want to wait, ask Danielle or Melissa for a lift back home, or a pick up and drop off service, or a loan car when you book in. Happy to help!

Now onto that nitty gritty!

Our team are experienced Mazda technicians, dedicated to ensuring your Mazda always runs at its peak performance level. We believe that regular servicing is important in ensuring that your New, Used or Demo Mazda maintains its long-term performance, efficiency and safety. This is made easy through Mazda Service Select.

Not all cars are the same, and no one knows your Mazda better than a Mazda service technician. Our Mazda technicians use only the latest automotive technology and Genuine Mazda Parts. They have undergone extensive training to ensure they know every Mazda model in intimate detail, which means they have the knowledge to provide the best possible protection of your vehicle.

Service Price Calculator

Calculate the cost of your next service using the Mazda Service Price Calculator.

The Benefits Of Mazda Genuine Service

Mazda Service Select

Mazda Service Select allows you to vary how often you book a Mazda genuine service, based on how often you use your vehicle. For instance, if you travel less than 8,000kms a year, your Mazda only requires servicing once a year.

Mazda Service Select applies to a wide range of current generation Mazda cars. To find out if your Mazda is eligible and to view our service price guide, please visit Mazda Australia.

Mazda Modular Diagnostic System (M-MDS)

To ensure that your Mazda runs to its optimum level, Riverland Mazda uses the Mazda Modular Diagnostic System (M-MDS). The M-MDS is the only system designed to electronically check all the vital functions of your Mazda under real driving conditions, for the most accurate analysis of its performance.

Maintain Future Value

Not only does a scheduled Mazda service give you peace of mind, it also helps protect your investment with written proof of the service history. Regular servicing at a Mazda service centre demonstrates to prospective buyers that you’ve maintained your Mazda, having it serviced by the most qualified technicians using top quality parts.

If you would like to book your vehicle for a Mazda genuine service at our Berri Mazda dealership, Contact a member of our friendly team today.

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