Imagination Drives Us

Well we know that buying a car isn’t much fun today. That’s probably why you’re here, researching, wondering where to buy and how to buy and when to buy (and if you’ve read this far my golly gosh, you’re committed). They say comparison is the thief of all joy. Ain’t that the truth. Buying a car should be fun! But all that comparing, well, isn’t. It’s hard work. It’s enough to drive one crazy. So that’s why our commitment to you is to turn that on it’s head. We’re here to drive you happy.

How? Well, for starters we didn’t hire salespeople. Say what now?! Please, stop feigning your surprise - that’s why you’re really here, instead of sipping coffee in our fabulous dealership with super comfy chairs, whilst being shown all the shiny new cars and the cool stuff they have in them today. You’re doing your research online, avoiding sales people at all costs! We don’t blame you. We do the same too.

Instead, we decided to hire people. A chef, a cleaner, service station owner and swimming coach, a school camp instructor, an army cadets leader, a property manager and a mum with great attention to detail. People like you. People with families of all shapes and sizes. People who get it, what you are doing right now is a HUGE deal! So we don’t pay them to sell, we pay them to help you. Your job, if you choose to accept it? Well your job is to let your guard down and let them drive you happy.

We’re not slick, we’re not smooth, we’re not polished. We’re just real people, with honesty and integrity at our core, and we have 110 years to our name. So whilst today’s purchase is just as important to us as it is to you, you can trust that we’re looking after you, because your next purchase is even more important to us. It’s what keeps us in business.

So feel free to search our stock whilst you’re here. If there’s something you’re after and it’s not here, give us a call (we’re a bit slower than others and not everything is online), but what we’d really love is to meet you and your lovely family, so we can drive you happy!